Who We Are

Twin Cities Metro Baptist Association is a network of congregations that reflect the ethnic diversity of the Twin Cities. The Twin Cities serves as one of the main immigrant hubs for the United States, and as such, our churches are filled with people from around the world every week. Our association is made up of the eleven county region of the Twin Cities and includes churches are far north as Monticello and as far south as New Prague. 

With almost 3.2 million people, the Twin Cities are the largest, most influential urban area between Chicago and Seattle. It’s the home of 10 Fortune 500 companies—with the fifth highest concentration of those companies in the United States. On an artistic note, only New York City and Chicago have a more significant theater industry.

And with more than 720,000 either first- or second-generation internationals, Minneapolis-St. Paul touches the world.

The first SBC church in the state started in Bloomington in the 1950s, but early church plants in the area focused mostly on reaching transplanted Southerners—not native Minnesotans. This has changed dramatically in the last 50 years.

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