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An Encouraging Word...

What is God speaking into your life these days?

A few years into our church plant, after experiencing so many highs and lows, God spoke into my life a specific passage of Scripture. That Scripture helped me to remain steady, strong, healthy and confident on the roller coaster of church planting and building God's Kingdom. Since then, God has spoken many passages of Scripture into my life to encourage, strengthen and refresh me. How about you?

I have a request of each of you as Planters and Pastors in the TCMBA. Will you join me in letting God speak into all of our lives together through a specific Scripture? Would you be willing to memorize, meditate and pray Romans 12:12 upon each other? If you are willing, let's let God speak into us...
"Be joyful in hope."
"Be patient in affliction."
"Be faithful in prayer."

As a Planter and Pastor, we learn rather quickly that God has us, His servant leaders, on an extreme discipleship experience. People in our plants, congregations, community, neighborhood and even our own family often point out our strengths not as strengths but as growth areas. They also might point out our growth areas as areas that are too embarrassing to talk about. Have you experienced this? Those of us who are more relationally oriented have a more difficult time with this compared to those of us who are more task oriented.

I will never forget an Easter season where we had over 26 people adopted into Jesus' family causing our small groups to grow tremendously; at the same time, two key pillar-type families left our ministry. I became numb; how would we fill the many ministry hats they wore, how would we replace the financial giving that they gave, how would I handle the massive leadership strength they gave me? What do you do when you are faced with the Mountain top and valley experiences of ministry?

Hear God say, "Be joyful in hope."
What gives you joy these days? What gives you hope these days? Are you sensing other peoples' words, comments being your joy? Are you sensing the numbers of your plant and church being your sense of identity? Are you sensing your top temptations being a source of temporary hope? Or is there something else?
Joyful is a condition of the soul. Is your soul joyful? What is the condition of your soul?
(In) hope, is leading us to an object to place our hope. Paul reminds us that God is the God of Hope in Romans 15:13. Is the object of your hope Jesus? Is Jesus the One satisfying your soul? Is Jesus the One resting your soul? Is Jesus the One inspiring your soul?
Hear God speak into you, "Be joyful in hope."

Hear God say, "Be patient in affliction."
Jesus prepared His disciples by reminding them they will face all kinds of troubles, tribulations, persecutions. As people in our church family tell me about these; I listen, I pray with them and then I say, "Welcome to the family." What afflictions are you experiencing right now? What afflictions is your family going through? What about your church family? 
Hear God speak into you, "Be patient in affliction."

Hear God say, "Be faithful in prayer." 
Nothing was more important to Jesus than His Mark 1:35 experience. I love those passages where we see Jesus sneak off to meet, debrief, discuss and pray with His Heavenly Father. How is your prayer life? How is your constant conversation with God? How is your alone time with God? Do you have a prayer partner and accountability partner other than your spouse? As you are juggling dozens of things in the ministry, at home and in your own life, hear God speak into you. "Be faithful in prayer."

Will you join me in letting God speak into our lives through Romans 12:12?

Please be encouraged.
Pastor, DOM and brother in Christ,
Chris Reinertson

Chris & Jude
Pastor and DOM

• Praise God for the launch of the following churches: Harvest Bible Chapel & Grace in the City
• Praise for those who have been adopted into Jesus' family since Jan 1, 2017.
• Praise for the official partnership beginning with Rio Grande Bible College.

• Pray for each spouse and children of planters and pastors.
• Pray for a freshness of the Holy Spirit for each other.
• Pray for a passion for the Word, for Christians and for people far from God.
• Pray for Jesus to continue to build His church in us, through us and all around us.
• Pray for Jesus to continue to infiltrate the Twin Cities one person at a time.
• Pray for the interns, apprentices and those in the process of planting.

• Please share your praises and prayers with me by sending to 
Romans 12:12
"Be joyful in hope, be patient in affliction, be faithful in prayer."
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