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An Encouraging Word...

What is your strategy? As God has entrusted each of us with the Gospel, the Great Commandment and the Great Commission, have you thought through and implemented a strategy that works for you?

Remember when Timothy contacted Paul and requested to rejoin Paul on his missionary journeys due to the challenges in the Church in Ephesus? Paul instructed Timothy to "remain at Ephesus so that you may charge certain persons not to teach any different doctrine." 1 Tim 1:3
Then he gave Timothy the big challenge and theme of his letters, "Fight the good fight of the faith." (1:18)

The first "fight" is "strateuo" which we get the word strategy.
"Good" is "kalos" meaning excellent, precious and noble.
The second "fight" is "strateia" which means expedition or campaign.

Thinking through this challenge, Paul is encouraging Timothy to have a personal strategy on how he will engage in the most noble historic battle between God and the evil one. We know that the battle between God and the evil one is the long, historic campaign that will last until Jesus comes back. This is the most important and noble experience we can invest our life in. The question becomes, what will be our strategy to remain healthy with God, with ourselves, our spouses, children, Christians and the not yet Christians? If our desire and goal is to be engage in this battle with Jesus for the rest of our lives, what is our strategy? Jesus has entrusted us with the Gospel (the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus), and the Great Commandment (love God and others with everything we have) and the Great Commission (go and make disciples of all Nations who are not yet Christians), how do we plan on doing this every day, every week, every month and every year until we breathe our last breath?

An example for us to think about. A more than full time businessman, husband, and father invests about 15 hours a week in church ministry. He is a loving, serving husband, a deeply engaged father, a man who works close to 60 hours a week at his job and yet he still puts in about 15 hours a week in his church. He is also engaged in conversations with people who are far from Christ. Whew... As I think about him, it makes me think about the time I put into intentionally building my relationship with Jesus, with my spouse and children, with other Christians, with those who are not yet Christians along with the responsibilities of being a senior pastor. How can anyone be effective at being an average Christian and a pastor?

As I have wrestled with this for the past 26 years, I have learned to think through and talk through my strategy based on Jesus. As I have read, studied, preached and discussed the four biographies of Jesus, I see that Jesus daily, weekly, monthly and annually spent time with His Heavenly Father. I also see that Jesus spent daily, weekly, monthly and annual time with His disciples. Jesus also, spent daily, weekly, monthly and annual time with those who are not yet Christians.
How did He do this?
How can we do this?
When do we meet with Jesus, with Christians and with the lost?
How can we do this and remain healthy?

The leadership of the TCMBA would love to dialogue with you about your strategy. There is no right answer. Everyone is different and has different styles, capacities, time and sleep habits. But, what strategy have you tried to do with the lead of Jesus in order to build your relationship with Jesus, Christians and those far from Jesus?

One of the goals we have at the TCMBA is for each pastor to seek out a relationship with a few other pastors to be prayer and accountability partners. Currently, I meet with three other pastors on Wed morning every other week to share how our soul is doing, what is happening in our lives, how we are doing with our top temptations and to pray for each other. Who do you meet with that helps you live out your strategy? How can the TCMBA leadership help you connect with a few others pastors like this? Please contact me, Joshua, Gerardo or Bob to discuss and pray through your strategy.

May Jesus continue to accomplish His great Gospel work in you, your marriage, your family, your church and the lost people in your life.

Praying and willing to help,
Pastor and DOM
Chris Reinertson

• Praise God for being the fountain of life.
• Praise God for the 80 couples who attended the pastors and wives retreat.
• Praise God for the Word that went forth this past weekend and every weekend through each of you.
• Praise God for the lost people who are being befriended, served by the Christians in our churches.

 •  Pray for Church Planter Ronny as they launch this weekend (Feb 12)
• Pray for each pastor and planter to humbly seek Jesus and His guidance.
•  Pray for each wife and family member of the pastor's and planter's.
May Jesus continue to draw each of our family member's to Himself.
•  Pray for eyes to see hurting souls and people far from God so that we can serve and love them.
•  Pray for each church to have a fresh passion for the Great Commission.

• Please share your praises and prayers with me by sending to
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